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Features of Synchronous Thermal Analyzer


Features of Synchronous Thermal Analyzer

The synchronous thermal analyzer has a high degree of modularity and high scalability, which can meet the test requirements under various harsh conditions, and is especially suitable for high-temperature oxidation corrosion in the research and development fields of metals, high-performance ceramics, and catalysis.The synchronous thermal analyzer system adopts the industry's unique upper balance and suspension sensor design to ensure the repeatability of the thermogravimetric and calorimetric baseline; the sensor adopts a plug-and-play interface, which is convenient for users to replace; the heating furnace is equipped with a water cooling system with extremely high performance Stable and easy to test in high temperature section. In terms of thermogravimetric measurement, the photoelectric balance technology is adopted, which not only provides ultra-high test accuracy, but also overcomes the inherent stability problems of the thermogravimetric system that usually uses electronic balances. No additional water bath protection or preheating is required. Can work stably for a long time.

1. A single furnace body can realize the whole test from room temperature to 2400℃.

2. Highly modular, different test methods can be implemented on the same platform.

3. Long-term stable work in high temperature areas.

4. Unique TG upper balance, suspended sensor design, TG and DSC baseline repeatability.

5. TG baseline noise is as low as 0.03ug, which can accurately detect weak quality changes.

6. The unique three pairs of thermocouple DTA test rods are much more sensitive than other DTA and DSC sensors.

7. Corrosion-resistant DTA test rod, to realize the safety test of complex unknown samples.

8. Three carrier gases and one auxiliary/reactive gas are controlled by a mass flow meter, and the two gases can be mixed in any ratio.

9. The high temperature synchronous thermal analyzer can be combined with the humidity generator to accurately control the relative humidity.

10. Unique safety system for testing under hydrogen atmosphere to ensure the safety of operators.

Synchronous Thermal Analyzer