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Company Profile

Shanghai Jiahang Instruments Co., Ltd. was established in 1999. It is a leading manufacturer of scientific instruments and laboratory equipment in China, and is known as a high-quality instrument manufacturer and perfect service provider. Committed to the research and innovation of scientific instruments and analytical methods in the food and pharmaceutical industries, in order to promote green food and health drugs, develop and produce analytical measuring instruments, and provide technical workers with application methods and comprehensive solutions.

Jiahang professional R&D laboratory instruments include: melting point meter, polarimeter, refractometer, density meter, turbidity meter, dropping point softening point tester, micro heating table, Potentiometric Titration and Moisture Titration, spectrophotometer, differential scanning calorimetry Instrument, intelligent microwave digestion instrument, centrifuge, chromatograph, incubator, balance. They are widely used in pharmaceutical and food quality control, education and research, environmental science, chemical engineering and other fields.

Jiahang has established strict working standards and technical standards in R&D, parts procurement, standardized manufacturing, and production inspection. Jiahang has obtained CE certification, TART certification, ISO quality management system certification, more than 10 software copyrights and multiple patents to ensure that each instrument has stable performance and excellent quality. Jiahang headquarters was established in Shanghai, China, with 15 sales branches in China, sales agents in more than 10 overseas countries, and 2 production plants. At the same time, we have a top R&D team returned from Europe and America, cooperate with our superb manufacturing team, professional sales team and dedicated service team, working together to provide customers with high-tech, high-quality products and efficient, convenient, Comprehensive pre-sales and after-sales professional services.
At present, Jiahang’s products have been exported to more than 50 countries including the United States, Germany, France, Malaysia, Vietnam, India, Italy, etc. We are committed to participating in Arablab, PICCTON, Analytica Russia, Lab Africa, Analytica Germany, Analytica Latin America and other exhibitions. Open up different markets, and enjoy a good reputation with reliable quality, reasonable prices and good service to win a large market share.

Jiahang is committed to providing customers with a better user experience and hopes to become a world-class scientific instrument manufacturer and laboratory solution provider! 


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