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450T Dedicated For Melt Index Tester Manufacturers

Advanced 450T Dedicated For Melt Index Tester made from our factory in China can be purchased at a cheap price. In addition to reliable quality , our products have TRAT, ISO9001, CE and other certifications, that make our company become one of the famous 450T Dedicated For Melt Index Tester manufacturers and suppliers in China. You are welcomed to come to our factory to buy advanced and high quality 450T Dedicated For Melt Index Tester. You can rest assured to buy reliable products from us. We look forward to cooperating with you, if you want to know more, you can consult us now, we will reply to you in time!
Brief Introduction
450T Dedicated for Melt Index Tester is mainly used for the analysis and research of melt flow rate of thermoplastics under certain conditions. Melt flow rate of thermoplastics (melt index) refers to the plastic at a certain temperature and load, melt every 10 minutes through the standard die mass, expressed by MFR (MI) value, which can distinguish thermoplastics in the molten state of the viscous flow characteristics. The test is of great significance to the quality assurance of raw materials and products of thermoplastics and chemical fiber. Shanghai Jiahang JH-450A JH-450T Melt Index Tester is fully in line with ASTM D 1238 standard, and improved and upgraded to facilitate the test of high flow instant fat meter, especially suitable for the melt-blown material PP (polypropylene), polyethylene and other materials test. 

450T Dedicated for Melt Index Tester quality standards: 
ISO 1133-2011, ASTM D1238-13, GB/T 3682-2018, JJG878-1994 (2005), JB/T5456-2005

The main features
1. The equipment adopts PID intelligent temperature control with high temperature control accuracy, which can ensure that the temperature at the upper 10 mm of the inner die of the cylinder is within ±0.5℃.
2. After packing, can quickly restore the constant temperature state
3. Nitriding processing of key parts, high strength, hardness, small deformation characteristics and ensure the accuracy and stability of the measured data.
4. The heating speed is fast, the instrument heater adopts special spring heating ring of hot runner, and its main material is imported nickel chromium wire alloy. Compared with the traditional heater, the dry burning ability is stronger, the power is higher, the heating uniformity is better, the service life is long, and the instrument can work for a long time at high temperature 450℃.
5. 450T Dedicated for Melt Index Tester is heated by voltage regulating module, which can adjust the voltage and power in a full range. Compared with the traditional solid-state relay on-off control, the heating is more stable and rapid, so that the constant temperature can be quickly restored after packing.
6. 450T Dedicated for Melt Index Tester adopts custom-made armored platinum resistance temperature sensor, the accuracy is the highest grade A, the accuracy is within 0.1℃, compared with the traditional sensor, has the characteristics of impact resistance, corrosion resistance, vibration resistance and can be bending at will, the service life is longer, can ensure the instrument in 450℃ the highest temperature environment for A long time.
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Shanghai Jiahang Instrument Co., Ltd. was established in 1999. Jiahang is committed to providing customers 450T Dedicated For Melt Index Tester with a better user experience and hopes to become one of world-class 450T Dedicated For Melt Index Tester manufacturers and laboratory solution provider!