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Do you really know the melting point meter ?


1. What are the types of melting point apparatus?
At present, the national content spotting instrument is mainly divided into two types: capillary measurement method and display micro-hot stage method, of which the capillary measurement method has two types: silicone oil method and automatic method.

2. What kind of samples can be measured by the automatic melting point meter?
Colorless and transparent or light-colored and transparent powdery samples after melting can be used

3. How to choose a melting point meter?
First of all, you must choose a melting point meter that is suitable for your sample test. The capillary melting point meter is used to test the powder form of the sample. Then, according to whether the sample is transparent after melting, whether the sample has requirements for the initial melting, melting distance and other indicators, determine whether to use the silicone oil method. The melting point meter is still a fully automatic melting point meter. If it is flake or block, you have to choose a micro melting point meter. Secondly, according to your own requirements for the accuracy of the results, you can decide which grade of instrument to use.

4. How many samples can the melting point meter generally detect every day?
Each test is about 5-7 minutes. If you test 10 times an hour, you can test 80 samples in 8 small tests a day. Since the instrument is a one-key measurement, the tester can have a lot of time to deal with other tasks, which improves the work. efficiency.

5. What are the main consumables of the Melting point apparatus?
There is only one capillary tube, and users can buy it from our company or directly from the market if they need it. But to meet the size, the current market capillary standards are different, so it is recommended that users buy directly from our company to avoid unnecessary losses due to unsuitability .