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The Purchase and Use of Melting Point Meter


1. Automatic Melting Point Meter can measure what state of the sample?
After melting colorless transparent or light color transparent powder sample can be.
2. How to buy a Melting Point Meter?
First of all, should choose to suit oneself the melting point of sample test instrument, test sample powder choose capillary Melting Point Meter, and then according to whether transparent after melting, whether the samples at the beginning of melting, melting range indicators have a requirement to decide whether choose method of silicone oil visual Melting Point Meter or automatic Melting Point Meter, if it is a flake or block selects the microscopic Melting Point Meter. Secondly, according to their own requirements for the accuracy of the results, to decide to choose that level of instrument.
3. How many samples can the Melting Point Meter test per day?
Each test takes about 5-7 minutes. If the test is performed 10 times an hour, 80 samples can be tested by working 8 tests a day. Because the instrument is one-button measurement, testers can have a lot of time to deal with other matters, which improves work efficiency.